Be consistent

Taking antihistamines every day throughout the hayfever season is more effective at controlling your symptoms than only taking them occasionally when the pollen count is high.


Take a shower

Hop into the shower as soon as you get home as this can help remove pollen that can stay on your hair and skin. Also, don’t forget it will stick to your clothes too.


Laundry tips

Drying clothes outside gives them a lovely fresh smell, try to avoid high pollen days though as the pollens stick to clothing.


Avoid pollen

Pollen is hard to avoid. However, it can help to keep windows closed especially first thing in the morning when the pollen is rising and in the evening when it comes back down.


Keep it tidy

Dust mites live in carpets and soft furnishings as well as bedding. Using a high filtration vacuum cleaner on carpets and soft furnishings can help to reduce dust mite allergens.


Pets in the bedroom

With 62 percent of us owning at least one pet, keeping your pet out of the bedroom can help reduce the allergens they produce.