Urticaria (Hives) Symptoms

Urticaria (hives) can take on many different appearances but it always includes an outbreak of pimples known as "nettle rash" which may appear anywhere on the body and is accompanied by itching. It is characterised by red, swollen and very itchy welts that form on the skin.

Some of the main allergic causes of acute urticaria include:

  • food allergens (eggs, fish, nuts, fruit)
  • medicine allergens (penicillin, hormones, sulphonamides, etc.)
  • aeroallergens (pollen, mildew, animal hair, etc.)
  • insect stings (bees, wasps)
  • infections (glandular fever or mono, hepatitis B. etc.)


About 20% of the cause is true allergy either ingested or contact leaving the remaining causes to be more likely environmental such as sun, cold, wind or sometimes due to another health condition. Hives that occur often, each lasting for only a few hours, are more likely to be allergy-related. They often occur in people who have other allergy symptoms (asthma, hayfever, food allergy etc.)1


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