Helpful Hints

For Hayfever Sufferers

Patients with allergies are often advised to avoid the provoking allergen, although it is controversial as to whether this should be recommended as a matter of course in the instance of hayfever, as most sufferers can lead a normal life using the correct medication without undue lifestyle restrictions. But patients with more persistent symptoms may benefit from following these simple steps…

  • Keep your windows closed in the early morning and late afternoon, when the pollen tends to rise
  • During the pollen season drive with your car windows shut and fit an effective pollen filter
  • Avoid mowing the lawn
  • Wear sunglasses to help prevent eye irritation
  • Shower and change when you get home as pollen can cling to your clothing and hair
  • Dry your washing indoors
  • Choose plants that are insect pollinated
  • Avoid things that will make your symptoms worse, such as smoke and other forms of air pollution