Hayfever and School

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis/hayfever can impair sleep and can consequently affect a child’s general learning, memory and school performance. This can be further impaired by the use of sedating anti-histamines (e.g. chlorphenamine).

It is no wonder therefore that parents are often anxious about how well their child will cope, especially as the most important end of year exams often fall right in the middle of the pollen season!

It may help to remember that as many as 50%1 of children in the UK have some sort of allergic condition and as a result teachers should have considerable know how in dealing with allergies and the related problems.

However the following may help…

  • Ensure that the school has all the relevant information regarding the medical condition
  • Make sure your child takes their medication regularly and as recommended
  • If your child is sitting examinations and is troubled by hayfever, ask the school or college to inform the examining board
  • Follow the advice on pollen avoidance
  • Check pollen forecasts regularly, www.zirtek.co.uk


  1. https://www.allergyuk.org/child-allergy-menu/child-allergy