Causes of Hayfever

Many people would be forgiven for thinking that the hayfever season is limited to the mid-summer and is solely as a result of grass pollinating. It is however a good deal more complicated than that. Pollen that can cause hayfever is derived from many sources and affect different people in different ways.

The main pollens that cause hayfever/seasonal allergic rhinitis fall into three categories: grasses, trees and herbaceous plants. Each year the pollen and spore seasons follow a similar pattern.

If you find that you have symptoms at certain times of the year it could be due to pollen or spores that only appear at that time for example grass pollen is at most prevalent during May and June - so if you suffer symptoms at that time, chances are you are allergic to grass pollen.

This calendar gives you up to date information based on the pollen monitoring records over recent years from the sites of the National Pollen Network.

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