Making a Room "Dust Free"


  1. Buy blankets and curtains made of synthetic fabrics
  2. Remove all down, wincyette, and flannel
  3. Remove thick throw rugs and animal skins
  4. Replace fitted (wall-to-wall) carpets and rugs with vinyl or parquet flooring; the room will also be easier to clean
  5. Get rid of cushions not filled with synthetic materials, as well as anything made of wool or cotton
  6. Reduce the number of "dust collectors" such as intricate or bulky decorations: heavy drapes, double curtains, tapestries, etc
  7. Use the vacuum cleaner more often around the house; in particular, vacuum mattresses and bedding thoroughly and regularly (preferably when the allergy sufferer is not there!)
  8. Get rid of green (non-flowering) house plants
  9. Machine wash soft toys regularly - toys that cannot be washed can be put in a plastic bag and placed in a freezer for 48 hours - this will kill the mites, but they should be vacuumed to removed dead mites and their droppings
  10. Keep humidity within the house to a minimum