Helpful Hints

For Dust Allergy


  1. Air out your bed every single day and even if your bedroom is cool and dry you should thoroughly air out the sheets at least twice a week
  2. Blankets should be made either of cotton or synthetic fabrics that can be washed in hot water (55°C or above)
  3. Cover mattresses with a plastic or allergen-excluding material. If the mattress has not been covered, it should be thoroughly vacuumed at least once a week
  4. Change the sheets as frequently as possible
  5. Pay particular attention when cleaning floors, armchairs, cushions, curtains and drapes
  6. Replace bedding materials containing wool, kapok, cotton, horse hair, feathers, or down with synthetic materials (foam rubber, polyester, dacron, etc)
  7. Don't use brooms or shake mats in the house
  8. Avoid hanging heavy curtains - use roller blinds instead
  9. Avoid wallpaper. Paint walls with a paint that allows washing
  10. Soft toys can contain large numbers of house mites, so choose toys that can be washed and if possible keep soft toys out of your child‘s bed